Here’s what emergency responders have to say about Critical Incident Stress Management and the Region J CISM Team


“Every emergency services agency regardless of size or type should make a commitment to participate in and provide access to a Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) program. Emergency responders are asked to deal with traumatic incidents, emotional scenes and overwhelming problems on a regular basis and the modern fire, law enforcement or emergency medical leader must recognize that psychological and emotional support of those personnel is crucial to long term health.

The Triangle-J CISM Team is one of the best I have experienced and we use them regularly in the Chapel Hill Fire Department. You have not completely mitigated an incident until all of the issues are addressed and the Triangle-J CISM Team can help your personnel finish the work. Following certain emergency calls, CISM debriefings should be as important as doing the reports and critiquing operations. NO, it should be more important.”

– Dan Jones, Chapel Hill Fire Chief