CISM Services

Pre-Incident Education – Stress management education for individuals, groups or organizations; provides preparatory tools for coping with critical incident stress.

Defusing – usually within hours of the incident to offer support, primarily an informational update and status report concerning the incident and related injuries; and to establish the need for a debriefing.

Formal Debriefing – 24-72 hours after the incident. A debriefing is a confidential, non-evaluative discussion and sharing of involvement, thoughts, and reactions resulting from the response.

Follow-up Debriefing – conducted weeks or months after the incident; concerned with delayed or prolonged stress symptoms or reactions; may be done informally.

On-Scene or Near Scene Support – requested by Incident Command for support while a response is ongoing; typically a prolonged response. On-site defusing, evaluation or debriefing by a team member may be appropriate for some critical incidents when the circumstances permit; debriefing team members can watch for acute reactions, provide support, encouragement, consultation and availability to help personnel deal with immediate stress reactions.

Demobilization – intervention service provided to personnel being disengaged from an incident; provision of healthy refreshments and an informal debriefing about stress and coping techniques prior to leaving the scene.

One-On-One Support – individual evaluation and assistance for the emergency worker showing obvious signs of distress and needs to process stress reactions.

Chaplain Support Services – trained clergy who assist emergency workers in utilizing their faith resources.

Education – stress management and CISM awareness and training.

Family Support Services – support sessions for family/significant others o the emergency response personnel.

Individual Referrals – recommend mental health professionals who can provide professional services to emergency workers.

Emergency Support Services – stress management support for family, loved ones and co-workers of emergency responders.

Consultations to Other Teams and Organizations – advice and guidance for CISM Team.



Team Coordinator:  (919) 906-9340, (919) 855-4686 or